inSite — performing actions according to specified criteria on WordPress, similar to IFTTT

inSite is a service and plugin for WordPress that allows your website to change or perform any action, depending on when and how it came and what criteria were set. Using information such as the location of site visitors, the type of device they used, and time of visit, you can use this plugin to make further settings for your site to perform some action that is guided by this information.

InSite can run enough interesting actions and changes that will be useful for a number of different types of WordPress sites. In essence, this service is very similar to another popular service IFTTT (If This Then That).

To understand how this plugin personalization of content can work, and get a few ideas on how you might use it, read our review of inSite for WordPress.

What inSite can do on wordpress?

InSite allows you to create so-called “recipes“that are used in order to personalize your web site, or schedule it to a specific action. These “recipes” are activated through pre-established triggers (activators).

The types of triggers that you can use in inSite, include: the time and/or date, the number of visitors to the website, URL settings, device type, and location. These trigger can be used separately or together to create more powerful “recipes”. You can create your own triggers in JavaScript.

Some examples of how you can use inSite for your site:

  • show some information for new visitors
  • show a welcoming message to those who have already visited your website earlier
  • to display specific content, given the location of visitors
  • the ability to change the design of the interface, depending on the time of day or year
  • you have different options to display content on the screen using information on the type of device

In addition to creating new “recipes” in inSite, you can also choose them from a library already created. Some interesting examples of such “recipes”:

  • the display window of the reservation, if a visitor comes to the website of your restaurant at the weekend
  • displaying the button “Contact us” to new users
  • use the map, depending on where the visitor is and if he uses a mobile device

inSite was created as more convenient for developers, with the aim to enable programmers to easily create their own triggers for use in “recipes”. Custom triggers and “recipes” can be put up for public use, with agreement to put them on inSite.

The ability to customize your site to provide personalized content to your visitors provides the potential to increase interaction between users, increase the conversion rate into buyers, etc. Hope you will be able to use these features on your website.

In any case, this all sounds pretty complicated, so let’s take a closer look at this practical and easy-to-use plugin inSite.

Use inSite to enable the changes on your WordPress

It is worth noting that inSite is still in beta mode. However, the plugin is available for free in the plugins directory allowing you already today to try it out on your web site.

You can download the plugin from the official WordPress extensions directory at this link.

If you don’t know what are plugins and how to install them, see this tutorial.

After you run the plugin on your web site, you will be able to see all the available “recipes” in your admin console.

Recipes can be sorted by their triggers, helping you to find the ones that will be responsible for the time the device or user location. The library can be sorted by such categories as stocks, e-Commerce, blogs, restaurants and bars. This, again, will help you to find the most suitable options and opportunities.

You can also filter the library in accordance with your goals and intentions. This may include such functions as displaying ads or commercials, call annotations, increase visits.

Once you picked the right recipe, you can add it to your website and then begin to customize it to work the way you want. Settings and options will vary, depending on which you choose a “recipe”.

For example, in the application of Facebook notifications you can choose which part of your website, a notification will be displayed:

With this recipe, you’ll also get the ability to customize the appearance and content of the notification panel:

If you wish, you can also change yourself JavaScript code for the trigger. This gives you the ability to better customize the “recipe” to suit your needs:

Once you have set up a “recipe”, you can activate it on your website. At this stage you will also be able to make the preview trigger to see how it will work:

Before you can set a “recipe” on your website, you need to create a free account on inSite. After installing at least one “recipe”, you can watch and control it via InSite from your console in WordPress.

Menu My inSites in the WordPress dashboard will allow you to see which recipes have already been added to your site, and gives the ability to quickly stop or restart them.

Create your own inSite prescription

Besides the possibility of choosing the necessary “recipe” of which are already available in inSite, you can create your own. This can be done using the plugin in WordPress dashboard.

The first step in creating will be the choice of the action that will be implemented, and a decision what will be displayed when the conditions are met for launch.

There are three options:

  • display the new item or section on your website
  • display the notification panel
  • the use of any visual effect (fireworks, falling leaves, etc.)

Advanced users can create their own actions and effects using JavaScript.

Having defined, you can proceed to the next stage, which will set the parameters to your action. Choosing a new component part of your action, you can create a new page that will be displayed on the screen as soon as all trigger conditions are met.

As you can see, when working with custom settings, you get a preview of your design to help you visualise how it will look to site visitors. When you click on the element you can change its content or conclusions.

You can also control the display of an element only on specific pages before or after the specific action. You can change its location and many other parameters. The designer includes a graphical editor allowing you to edit and share photos that you would like to use.

Once you are satisfied with your item, you can navigate to triggers. Here you can select one or more triggers that will control the appearance of your item.

The next step will be the input for triggers, which will determine their behavior and performance.

To top it off, you can give your inSite recipe name and description before activating it on your website. You will also have the opportunity to make it available for all users of inSite.


Services such as IFTTT has long been popular with WordPress users. Now inSite seeks to introduce the same functionality directly to your WordPress site with this free plugin.

Despite the fact that this is a new service, it looks very promising. Already there are a large number available in the library of “recipes”, though, and create your own very easily. There is no need to know JavaScript, but if you know this opens up a huge opportunity.

Although most recipes such as the notification area, pop-UPS and other can be added to your WordPress website by installing a special plugin, inSite gives you the opportunity to choose among a huge library that suits you, selecting just one free plugin. In addition, all very easy to adjust and change in response to your requests, which is not always possible in other plugins.

If you want to change your WordPress website to deliver personalized information, inSite definitely deserves your attention.

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