Plug-ins voice messages for WordPress: audio and video

Are you looking for the best plug-ins voice messages for WordPress? Adding audio/video features into your website can help to improve interaction with website visitors and potential customers.

In this article chosen the best plugins for voice messages on the WordPress sites that you can try.

1. Joy of Text

Joy of Text – a free WordPress plugin for sending text and voice messages. With it you can create a group that allows you to send voice notes to multiple customers with one click. You can add or remove members, and send messages text-to-voice (text to voice). Software easily converts your message into the language of the client.

The plugin integrates with WooCommerce so you can chat with customers about purchases via a voice message. It allows you to customize a voice message using the tag for name, number and so on.

Have the paid version of the plugin Joy of Text, more custom tags, integration, threaded conversations, MMS support and many more.

2. SpeakPipe

SpeakPipe is an online service that allows visitors to send you voice messages from your website. The developers offer a plug-in voice messages WordPress that connects your website with your account SpeakPipe.

This allows you to easily receive voice messages from your visitors. All voice messages are automatically saved in your SpeakPipe account. And the best part is that users do not need to create an account to send voice messages.

SpeakPipe is typically used by podcasters and video devices to collect questions from the audience. This allows you to actually ask real questions to the users in the podcast.

3. Heyoya

Heyoya is a free plugin voice comments and reviews WordPress. The plugin allows your visitors to leave voice notes in the comments section of the blog. You can also display unlimited number of voice annotations on your website. It helps increase user interaction and improve SEO of your blog.

Heyoya uses multimedia tools to support voice, video and text messages. You can share customer feedback and reviews on social networks.

Comments can be moderated in the WordPress toolbar and display the best voice of the blog posts. The developers of the plugin offer a simple custom tools to control the settings of the voice review.

4. Pipe

Pipe – WordPress plugin for video and audio recordings. It allows customers to easily record their message on your website. You can control video and voice messages in the toolbar of WordPress. The plugin supports many popular formats such as MP3, MP4, MOV, FLV, etc.

Pipe works fine with all WordPress themes. It also integrates with contact form plugins WordPress, so your visitors can attach video message to the form. You can also insert video and audio messages in any post or page of WordPress.

5. Twilio

Twilio – voice plugin call WordPress. You can display on your website a simple button “Click to call” and your customers will be able to contact you by clicking on it. They need to add your phone number, and Twilio will automatically connect your agent with the visitor.

The plugin has simple settings to control your calls. From Twilio there is a paid version with additional functions: the callback function for the registered users, blacklist spammers, welcome message and much more.

Twilio integrates with WooCommerce, so your customers can call from the page of the product at the time of purchase in your online store.

6. CometChat

CometChat – this is an interactive chat and service user interaction, which allows you to communicate with your users with voice and video. It is a paid service with a free trial account. The developers offer WordPress plugin for connecting your site with their servers.

The plugin contains text messages in real time, share files, group chat, stickers, screen sharing and more. It provides a customizable application for managing calls, messages and voice notes.

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