Plugin WP Mega Menu: features, installation and configuration

Menu on the website facilitate visitors to move around the site. Websites with lots of content can not only work with the regular menu. Most of the content of any such linked web site is unlikely they will fit. In this case, comes in mega-menu. Appearance and menu functions largely depend on what technology you are using. A WordPress plugin for a mega menu promises so many features, the best thing for yourself in this list are hard to find.

From this large number of plugins mega-menu is the one which is suitable for most users. This is a plugin WP Mega Menu. It offers all the basic features and functionality, and it’s free.

In this article we consider the main functionality of the plugin WP Mega Menu how to install and configure.

Functions of WP Mega Menu

A wide range of functions of WP Mega Menu includes:

  • Drag and drop menu.
  • Visual build menu.
  • Widgets in menu items.
  • Option several topics.
  • Export / import menu.
  • Branding with logo and social icons.
  • Marking menu / icons.
  • Support for icons.
  • A sprawling menu and picture menu background.
  • Adaptive mobile menu.
  • Unlimited color options and Google fonts.

Consider some of the powerful features in more detail.

The functionality of the build menu drag and drop

After your website is installed the plugin WP Mega Menu, you can create a menu using drag and drop. Add row, and then drag widgets into the columns of these lines. This WordPress plugin automatically saves the changes when you edit layouts menu. You don’t need to write any code or something to program. Powerful drag and drop system to WP Mega Menu gives you the opportunity to create a better menu with minimal effort.

Fully responsive and mobile menu

Menu created using WP Mega Menu will be 100% responsive and mobile. Regardless of the size of the device which runs your website, it will not have problems with the display. You can control the adaptation to screen resolution to automatically switch between desktop and mobile versions. Menu your web site will work perfectly in all OS.

Integration with WooCommerce

If you have items for display and sale on your website, WP Mega Menu gives you a fantastic way to direct visitors access to the details of the product right from the menu. You have a system to display eCommerce products in menu items. Turn your website into a website with a highly organized eCommerce navigation with Mega Menu.

Multilevel dropdown menu

Create as many menu items as you want. You can design multi-level drop down menu, and they will look equally beautiful. Enrich the items of the main menu with a submenu with a dropdown list. This will give you even more navigation options. The construction of these multilevel dropdown menu is much easier with this plugin editor.

Advanced features

Use the menu in any short code. Along with this you have the ability to use two default extended widget: add photos, titles and small details that will be displayed while hovering over them.

Social icons and search option in the menu

You have the system search the default WordPress directly in your menu. With the plugin WP Mega Menu you can do it in just a few clicks.

Place links to social network with your icons and styles directly from the menu.

Completeness settings

WP Mega Menu allows you to fully customize the menu. Customize this menu and make the necessary changes is quite simple. Set the padding and margins of any item in the menu. Control visibility of the menu in accordance with the devices that you will operate your menu. You can also apply effects to the menu items. Use a variety of elements, such as icons, background settings in the setup menu.

Multilingual: WPML compatible

No matter what language your website will work, WP Mega Menu will not have problems with any languages. It is fully compatible with WPML. Make your content menu in any language and the menu will work.

How to build a mega-menu on your WordPress site

1. Install the plugin WP Mega Menu

Like any other WordPress plugin, you can install it on your website in two different ways. First go to dashboard -> Plugins -> Add new. Specify in the search bar, “WP Mega Menu” and click “Install now”. Then activate the plugin when you will see the button “Activate”.

You can also download the WP Mega Menu plugin from WordPress directory. Then open the toolbar WordPress. Go to Plugins -> Add new -> Upload plugin. Download the ZIP file with the plugin and click “Install now”.

Activate the plugin after successful installation. In fact, the system itself will ask to activate it.

2. Create menu

First of all, create a menu by going to toolbar WordPress -> appearance -> Menus. Then create a new menu. So WordPress allows you to create a default menu.

3. Global settings of WP Mega Menu

Find the tab of WP Mega Menu in the left sidebar and click on it.

4. Create a theme for the menu

Menu themes define the styles and behaviour of the navigation panel in the menu. To create a menu, open the WP Mega Menu -> Themes. You can either create a new theme or import it. Click “import a theme” or “Create new topic” button to perform the action.

5. The tuning elements Mega Menu

Visit toolbar WordPress -> appearance -> Menus. The WP Mega Menu will appear when you hover the mouse over the menu items.

Click on it to do the installation. Set Mega Menu set to “Yes” and click “Add row” to select rows and columns. Also select the topic menu on the left side.

Shop in the mega-menu

On the left you will see a useful widget with which you can add advanced features. Drag the widget WPMM WooCommerce Grid and place it in the column.

Edit widget WPMM Grid WooCommerce. Post your products with images and information as you want, so that buyers can see them. You can specify a name and select a certain category or all categories to display items from all categories.

You have finished creating your first mega menu to your WordPress website. With this revolutionary designer for WordPress menu, you can do a lot. To see what else he can do, and how to do it, read the detailed documentation to the plugin.

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