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Do you know how well your WooCommerce store? If you use the WooCommerce reports by default, it is not in all cases easy and convenient. They are quite functional for basic use. But there is much more detailed (not to mention more convenient) options.

This post will discuss six different options for Analytics and reporting WooCommerce, ranging from external applications to advanced reports in the toolbar of WordPress.

1. Metorik

Metorik platform for analysis and reporting WooCommerce-based applications from Bryce Adams, a former employee of Automattic, which actually worked in WooCommerce (meaning that he knows something about the platform).

Because Metorik is an application, not something that is within your dashboard of WordPress, it has two big advantages:

  • The interface is better than anything you will see in the toolbar of WordPress. And it’s not just more aesthetically pleasing – it’s also more useful.
  • For large stores Metorik will offer significantly better performance. This means that the major stores don’t have to wait for about 30 seconds to create great reports.

So what does he do?

Metorik offers a variety of reports that will help you better understand how your store and customers.In fact, all reports are instantly available, so you can directly access data that is important, instead of trying to analyze yourself.

Other functions:

  • Easy segmentation using multiple and/or conditions, as well as the ability to save certain segments.
  • The proposed segments will help get you started, for example, repeat customers and customers who have made one order.
  • Reports on products, variants and categories so you can better see what is for sale.
  • The ability to manage orders and customers directly from the interface Metorik.
  • Digest emails that can deliver the most important data directly into your Inbox or feed Slack.
  • Integration with popular systems helpdesk for easy customer support.
  • Email integration on the way to simplify marketing.

The only thing that can stop small shops, this is a monthly billing (although if you’re using good data Metorik should pay for itself). Account Metorik is based on the average number of orders you receive per month (calculated based on the average for the last 3 months).

Price: starts at $ 20 / month for 100 orders per month.

2. Plugin Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics

Plugin Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics (enhanced ecommerce) does not provide you with Analytics or reports. But what he does, makes setting up your WooCommerce store using the enhanced ecommerce feature in Google Analytics.

Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce allows you to track all customers in your WooCommerce store.

With it, you will be able to access the new reports in Google Analytics:

  • Behavior in stores
  • Checkout
  • The performance of this product
  • Sales performance.

For example, the Checkout Behavior report (Checkout) allows you to see the different stages of the review process, when customers are leaving, and the performance of this product allows you to see which products sell better on your website.

If all this happens in Google Analytics, then what’s the point of the plugin?

His task is to make the integration process as painless as possible, which is very good (and free!).

Price: Free.

3. Plugin WooCommerce Advanced Reporting

Advanced Reporting WooCommerce is a popular plugin Code Canyon, which improved the scheme in the toolbar for a one-time payment that is more traditional in approach than Metorik.

The plugin adds many different reports in WooCommerce, including:

  • A report of all the orders report with a large number of specific details.
  • Reports on products.
  • Reports category.
  • Reports and tax returns.
  • Reports Providence – allows you to compare your actual data with the objectives you.

As Metorik, it also allows you to send scheduled reports by e-mail, which is useful to receive digests of the most important information for your store.

If you need more flexibility, there are also many paid add-ons for things such as:

  • Advanced permissions management.
  • Custom taxonomy and fields.
  • CrossTab.
  • Variation.

In addition to its popularity, Advanced WooCommerce Reporting is getting good reviews from Code Canyon and includes a full-featured demonstration, you can play before buying.

Price: $ 35 plus an additional paid add-ons

4. Abandoned Cart Reports For WooCommerce

As the name implies, the plugin gives you detailed information about the rate of failure of the basket of your store, including information about the account (for registered users) and IP address (for anonymous visitors).

You need this free tool if you really want to send e-mails, “Denied reports about the cart for WooCommerce”. It will help you to quickly determine how much money you can potentially leave on the table, allowing users to leave.

Price: Free

5. WooCommerce Plugins Bundle

It’s not one plugin, but rather a set of plug-ins.

In total the plug-ins allow you to:

  • Create sales reports for individual products of WooCommerce.
  • Send scheduled reports email.
  • Granting access to reports using WooCommerce interface using a short code.

Price: $ 74,99.

6. Divvit

Divvit is a relatively new platform designed for easy access to detailed Analytics of electronic Commerce. Although this does not apply to WooCommerce, it can be easily integrated thanks to the dedicated plugin.

The reports are great and do a good job of quickly highlighting the data that are really important.

Other functions:

  • The ability to connect different sales channels for standardized data.
  • Funnels to see where you lose customers.
  • Order guide to track visits for customers and view how many visits it takes for someone to become a paid customer.

Divvit offers a limited free plan, with which you can begin. But if you want all the features, the plan starts from 29 euros per month for stores with 20 000 visitors per month (prices increase depending on the number of visits)

Price: Limited free plan. Paid plans start from € 29 per month.

What is the best plug-in reporting WooCommerce?

If budget is not a problem, work with Metorik. This is a great tool that combines ease of use with depth of functionality. And beautiful interface makes it much nicer to use than the toolbar WordPress.

Divvit is another reliable option that works on a similar principle, but also with monthly billing (although it is based on another metric than Metorik).

If you really need something disposable, you can choose from the more traditional plug-ins. Although it is very difficult to get better reporting and Analytics without leaving your WordPress dashboard.

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