Plugins similar entries WordPress: free and premium

Select plugin similar records is quite a complex issue, because this plugin can badly affect the performance of the site. This is why many hosts do not like some of the WordPress plugins similar records, such as WP Engine and GoDaddy. But not so bad with plugins similar records. Just make sure to choose one that will not slow down your server.

In this post I collected plug-ins that will help you to create high-quality associated content without slowing down your site.

1. Bibblio

Bibblio the plugin does all the processing on its own servers, which means that it will never slow down your website due to the multitude of queries to the database.

It has intelligent algorithms to control how it covers related content. Bibblio uses machine learning to continually improve their algorithm. And you can choose which parameters to select similar records, such as popular or Vice versa.

You can define exactly what types of records included in the results, and also manually exclude certain items. You get a lot of options for how (and where) to display your related posts. The Configurator allows you to mix and match settings that open a lot of opportunities:

  • different grid layouts,
  • publish the thumbnail
  • options to control the display metadata,
  • and much more.

To display similar posts on the website, enable the widget, or add a short code.

And finally, the bonus plugin Bibblio – Analytics. Bibblio includes detailed Analytics, which allows us to understand how useful your related content, when it comes to clicks and increase activity on the site. In addition, you can add query strings to your URLS to track events in Google Analytics.

Price: Free for 500 items and 25,000 API calls (caching can help you to expand this limit). Paid plans start from $ 19 per month. Many sites enough free version.

2. Jetpack

Jetpack is the solution “all-in-one” from Automattic, which combines many of the features in one plugin. It has lots of necessary and useful functions. And one of them is a similar record. As Bibblio, processing related posts Jetpack is happening with their server, which means that it does not overload your server with lots of database queries.

In control panel, Jetpack provides a limited set of settings for how your similar recordings can look and function.

For other settings, such as the inclusion or exclusion of particular content, you need to add code to the file functions.php your website. Fortunately, Jetpack has done a very good job, which contributed to its documentation.

If you already use Jetpack, it can be easily reused for similar records. But to install the Jetpack plugin just to display similar posts, is extremely inappropriate.

Price: part free functionality Jetpack.

3. Related Posts For WordPress

Related Posts for WordPress – another plugin similar records which will provide good performance. It does this by caching all your similar posts, so I don’t have to dynamically generate them every time someone came to your website.

So when you first install the plugin, you need to wait until it passes and spend the caching of all of your content (this may take a while).

The plugin Related Posts for WordPress there are both free and paid version.

With premium features you can:

    • Include personalized types of records in your results (including the ability to link different record types to each other).
    • Manually include / exclude content or to create links between content manually.
    • Ask weight algorithm to control the definition of “similar”.
    • To control the location of the posts.

To display the related posts, you can use it as short code and widget.

Price: limited free version, paid plans start from $ 5.99 per month.

4. Similar Posts

Similar Posts is another plugin to link records that uses intelligent caching to minimize the impact on your server.

Some of the features that you enjoy in Similar Posts include:

  • Settings to configure how to create related content.
  • Controls layout and design
  • Options for excluding specific content by category, author and other.
  • The ability to control which record types to include.

If you want to use a similar service that uses processing outside the server, such as Jetpack and Bibblio, you can also get this functionality as part of the full plugin Shareaholic (Shareaholic is the company that has purchased the plugin Similar Posts).

Price: Free.

5. Contextly

Contextly is a paid service that has some similarities to Bibblio. As Bibblio, it uses machine learning algorithms that are hosted on their own servers, to create recommendations on the content, so it is good for performance.

It includes a unique feature that allows you to personalize recommendation of content to returning visitors. It’s like re-targeted ads – you can show recommendations to visitors on what, in your opinion, they are personally interested.

You also get detailed Analytics for their related posts:

  • The ability to control what record types are included.
  • Many options for content display.

The only drawback is the lack free plan. However, you can use the 21 day free trial and test the service without any extra costs.

Price: Plans start from 9 USD per month.

6.Custom Related Posts

Custom Related Posts different from all the other plugins, because the related links are not generated automatically. Instead, it gives the possibility to manually link the records, defining the relationship on the edit page after the recording.

This approach is not suitable for everyone. But if you want to control everything, the Custom plugin Related Posts for you.

When in the post editor, you define the relationship with other similar records, you can choose whether to make the relationship in one direction or in both directions:

  • One of the ways is to show only ” entry associated with the entry, but not associated with the record.
  • Both ways – show a record associated with record B and record B as belonging to A. record

You can also choose which record types are special related records. To display related records can be used as short codes and widgets.

It is definitely not the best solution for everyone, but this is a great option if you prefer the manual approach.

Price: Free.

What is the WordPress plugin for the formation of similar records, you need to choose

Bibblio is the best plugin for all similar records. It comes with useful functionality:

  • Good performance.
  • The quality guidelines.
  • Many options to control what content is included.
  • A variety of layout options.

Jetpack will always be a viable option because it is free.

Related Post for WordPress can be cheaper for larger sites and it has good functionality.

At Contextly, there are some interesting options with personalization and Custom Related Posts – a good option if you just want to manually associate a certain content together.

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