Site-card. What is it?

Business card website is an online resource, consisting of a minimum required number of pages. It provides information about a person or organization, contact details, price list, for more information. Distinctive features of the small website is a short presentation of information, the minimal hierarchy of pages, no additional features (online store, forum, gallery and so on).

Personal business card website allows you to structure information about the man and his activities. This resource is a business card in electronic form and facilitates the adjustment of public relations. On a personal website-business cards can keep a personal blog, to use the resource as a platform for storing pictures, audio recordings, videos and other content.

Commercial online business card performs the function of providing clients with the basic necessary information upon request. Such a resource must contain full legal company name, company address, telephone number, name of the owner. Also, it contains information on the activities of the company, the history of its origin and development, perhaps even information about the working employees. In the commercial sector the site can function as a plug, for example, at design time the full version of the corporate website.

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