Store on WordPress using WooCommerce

Today we will focus on WooCommerce — a handy free plugin to create a website section that allows you to organize store and the sale of any goods, services or other interesting pieces.

You can watch complete video tutorial in the following video:

This plugin was originally based on the code of the project Jigoshop. But the development team has made several modifications and additions were to improve the interface for administrators to create templates for the organization of email notifications to your customers, creating a system of coupons and collection of reports, orders and completed transactions. Dwell much on the features and characteristics of this plugin.

A free plugin for e-Commerce

From the original version in this free plugin for commercial trade the three useful extensions: table for the calculation of rates for shipping, form for payment of the final order and the European formula for calculating the tax (EU VAT).

In the initial release included 6 themes. One of the most convenient and interesting — Wootique, the theme is absolutely free.

The plugin WooCommerce is freeto download may require registration on the resource WooThemes.

WooCommerce is actually not just a plugin, but a full-fledged library, an extension for integration with an existing website or blog based on WordPress. The main objective of its development is to provide the ability to create easy and free full-fledged shopping for online trading based on any new or previously existing website. In order to see the full list of features and to learn more about current version plugin, simply visit the official page of WooCommerce.

The main differences in WooCommerce

  • Redesigned administrator interface that closely matches the native interface of the control Panel of the website based on WordPress. Installation on site by one click.
  • Improved reporting system with built-in support for tracking Google Analytics.
  • Built-in features to create catalogs and sell similar goods.
  • The system of coupons and discounts with the support of the dates and terms of the coupon.
  • Built-in email templates, alerts and newsletters.
  • Simplified management products, product categories and product sorting.
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