The best plugins for custom buttons to WordPress

Administrators of WordPress websites rarely faced with HTML and CSS code, and this is the main secret of the success and popularity of this platform. Most people prefer a visual editor and a graphical user interface for configuring your theme, pages, and plugins.

Despite this, you can certainly change your pages, to create beautiful buttons and much more by using the code, but it is not the only way. One of the options to create beautiful custom buttons, call-to-action and landing pages — use plugins.

On WordPress there is no option to add custom buttons by default. However, there are many free and paid solutions to create them. That you can use on your landing pages and calls to action? There are several plugins for WordPress to accomplish almost all tasks. In this post you will learn why you need these buttons and plugins on WordPress, and how to get them.

Main types of buttons

In General terms, the buttons guide visitors from one address to another. They follow the referral mechanism, which combine two pages and give users the ability to switch from one to another. The button assignments are of three types:

  • Links: you can just use them instead of links. But, of course, not all the links they can be.
  • Social buttons: social buttons allow users to share links on the pages in social networks.
  • Call-to-Action (CTA, call to action): this is another type of button, which is optimized in the psychological relation and is used to drive the user’s attention.

Why do you need these custom buttons?

The design of the website is one of the most significant aspects of Internet marketing. The share of the impact depends on how easy it is to navigate on your page, and how well it is designed. Studies show that interest page often convince visitors to leave their email or buy your product. Regardless of whether you sell something or not, you can always do commercial work.

You sell your brand. Even if visitors do not end up aware, they assess all the site design. Buttons are one of the important elements of beautiful design. If they are well designed and generally fit the theme of the blog, users will be more inclined to use them.

Therefore, you need not just buttons. They should be beautiful and give the conversion rate from your landing pages. But first, let’s talk about the buttons.

How to add buttons in WordPress

There are two ways to add buttons in WordPress:

  • Code: you can use HTML and CSS to create buttons. Knowledge of these languages is required.
  • Plugins: just install a WordPress plugin for adding buttons. It’s normally the easiest way.

In the second method we shall discuss in this post.

1. MaxButtons

MaxButtons is a free WordPress plugin that allows users to have beautiful and elegant buttons. It gives you the ability to create and add beautiful CSS3 buttons to your posts and pages. Also, this plugin has over 70,000 active installations and is one of the most customizable WordPress.

Basic properties:

  • General settings: you can create unlimited number of buttons and use them in posts and pages with shortcodes. Button color, text size, shadow and border style, and many other parameters can be changed.
  • Adaptability: the buttons created by this plugin look good on a desktop and on portable devices.
  • Icons: you can add icons for buttons, adjust their placement and size. There are more than 35,000 icons.
  • Support Google fonts: one of the best features of this plugin is the support for Google fonts.
  • Pro version: some features described are available only in the premium version of the plugin for $19.

2. Buttons Shortcode and Widget

Buttons Shortcode and Widget another free solution for creating buttons. It has a clear and easy-to-use interface.

Basic properties:

  • General settings: Edit the text, icon, shape, color, size. Also have online viewing.
  • No coding required: this plugin eliminates the need of CSS knowledge and still creates stunning button.
  • The possibility of using in different places: allows you to use the buttons in posts, pages, sidebars and even in theme files. It is assumed that the plugin can work anywhere.
  • Custom design: each button has a single category of CSS that can be used to add custom styles. Or you can assign each instance of a button separate category CSS for individual styling.

There is also a premium version which includes a bunch of useful features such as adaptive button.

3. Button Maker Plugin

Button Maker Plugin — a simple to use plugin to create buttons in WordPress. It has an impressive user base and more than 1000 active installations.

Basic properties:

  • Create unlimited buttons and save them for future use. Their color, font size, direction, etc.can be changed.
  • Knows that brings conversion: allows you to record the views and clicks on each button, so that you know what is converted.
  • Paid version: to extend the capabilities of this plugin, you can purchase the premium version. Button Maker Pro will give you a few new features such as the ability to add multiline text in buttons.

4. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress — best plugin for social buttons on wordpress. It is a comprehensive and optimal solutions to increase social activity on your website. Unlike most of the plugins in this list, it is not created for building buttons for General use. On the contrary, the plugin focuses only on the button with the function “share” in the social. network.

Main properties:

  • The plugin integrates with more than 45 social networks, has more than 48 unique templates, many settings.
  • Content sharing: the ability to display a counter for the buttons and allow visitors to control the SOC. profiles. There are 123 ways to display them.
  • Template Customizer (Customizer template): settings Such as change colors or the size of the button template can be easily done using Template Customizer.
  • Compatibility: the plugin works well with BuddyPress, WooCommerce, bbPress and Easy Digital Downloads.

5. Button Pro — CSS3 Buttons

Button Pro – CSS3 Buttons — another plugin from CodeCanyon this list. Only costs $4 and has over 1100 sales. The plugin includes a simple to use set of buttons based on CSS3 and a set of buttons for sharing on social. networks. But this is not a WordPress plugin, so I have a little understanding with code. But if you know a little CSS, you can start working pretty quickly.

Basic properties:

  • General settings: there are 3 sizes of buttons and 11 color variations to choose from. You just need to add the category CSS to use the plugin.
  • Documentation: together with the plugin comes with detailed documentation to help you to make it better.
  • Adaptability: quickly plugin works with the main browsers.

The results

Basically, the buttons are small the detail page. However, they greatly influence the design of your website. That’s why you need to install the plugin for the buttons on WordPress.

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