The plugin to save emails contact forms in WordPress database

There are only three main contact form plugin for WordPress that have the ability to save emails to the database of your website. Some include the function of the contact form and the function of storing emails in database. And the rest are just add-ons for certain plugins.

This article is intended primarily for users who want to be able to control and manage the messages received through the contact form.

Well, let’s start. Today we look at the most downloaded plugin in this category with a high rating, which are presented in the official library Each of them has its positive and negative sides.

1. Contact Form DB

Works only with certain plugins. Contact Form DB saves data of contact form in your database and automatically create shortcodes for pasting and displaying the data. Works with the following plugins:

  • JetPack Contact Form
  • Contact Form 7
  • Fast Secure Contact Form


  • Allows you to save data received through the contact form in the database.
  • Displays data received through the contact form.
  • Works with popular contact forms presented on WordPress.


  • When importing from a CSV file in Excel, some languages may disappear and not be displayed.
  • The developers of JetPack, Contact Form 7, Fast Secure Contact Form, which operates this plugin you are not the developer of this plugin. Therefore, there is no single concept.
  • Narrowly focused in the work: works only with certain plugins.
  • Your WordPress site should support PHP5 or higher. This plugin will not work if the site supports PHP4.
  • Very complicated to install, there are a huge number of additional installation processes.
  • To extend the functionality of this plugin you need to use and install certain shortcodes.


We can say that it is a very functional and easy to use plugin, but some drawbacks can deter inexperienced users, since ordinary users can be a little difficult to understand using shortcodes or the installation process.

2. Contact Form to Email

This plugin is a contact form with ability to send information via email, as well as in database and CSV file. In addition to this core function of the plugin has the option to print reports and the ability to export selected data to CSV / Excel.


  • In order to avoid loss of applications and for keeping records of received messages from contact forms, contact data filled in forms is stored in the database.
  • CSV file you can open and work with Excel.
  • These contact forms is emailed to one or more of the specified e-mail address. This plugin also supports auto-replies to the user who filled the contact form.
  • It is possible to print a list of contacts received through a contact form within a selected date range.
  • The plugin supports the function of spam protection (built-in captcha).


  • Difficult to use for ordinary users to understand the huge number of options.
  • The free version cannot be changed. You have to buy the paid version to be able to configure the contact form.
  • No free technical support (60 days of support service can be purchased for $ 25).


Contact Form to Email is quite difficult to use for ordinary users, and to understand the huge number of options. This is certainly good, but you need to spend a lot of time to explore the options and settings of the plugin, as it simultaneously provides functions such as contact forms and the ability to save emails in the database.

In this case, it is much better to use separate plug-ins, which separately perform their functions better. It is better to install two simple and multifunctional plugins than one very difficult. More frustrating is the fact that the free version has no technical support. This is a paid feature. So if you have at least one small question on this plugin, you have to pay 25$.

3. Contact Form to DB

Plugin Contact Form to DB is an exclusive addition for the plugin Contact Form from BestWebSoft. The plugin provides a unique opportunity to manage messages received via the contact form.

A list of the main features is really impressive: messages can be stored, viewed, deleted or uploaded through the control panel. If you decide to disable the plugin, it will serve as a database for old messages.

There is also a PRO version of the plugin, which allows you to send and periodically delete old messages, manage attachments and get priority technical support and answers to all your questions within one business day.


  • Like other plugins, Contact Form to DB allows to store data received via the contact form in the database.
  • You can manage messages (browse, delete and download messages) using the control panel.
  • If you decide to disable the plugin, it will serve as storage for old messages.
  • Easy to install without any additional actions.
  • Contact Form to DB is an extension to Contact Form and which have the same concept with the other products of this company that could potentially reduce the number of compatibility issues with plugins and its further operability.
  • Excellent support, availability of priority technical support for owners of the PRO version.
  • No problems with using and installing for both simple and advanced users, there is detailed documentation, video tutorial and text instructions with screenshots.


  • The free version is not so feature rich as the paid version of the plugin Contact Form to DB Pro.
  • Priority technical support and guaranteed response during the day is available only with the purchase of Contact Form to DB Pro. Requests from users of the free version are treated to five days.


The main feature of this plugin is easy to install, configure, and use. We have to admit that Bestwebsoft do understand that not all users have a high level of proficiency with WordPress.

Also, this plugin is an excellent match with Contact Form. They work together, as they say, without a hitch. Many polzovateley may be disappointed by the lack of opportunity to create new fields, but that there are other plugins, collectors forms with more complex configuration system that is designed for the experienced WordPress user. The main part of the functional, which allows you to configure the appearance and display on the form available only to users of the PRO version.


The plugins feature manage contact forms are very useful for all types of sites, since not all contact forms have such functions as the ability to store data received through the contact form in the database.

This main function will help to avoid the loss of applications and improve the maintenance of records of received messages from contact forms.

They will help you to automate the process of collecting, processing and data management. You’ll be able to find old emails or data.

I hope that this review will help you make the right choice that will best meet your needs.

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