The plugins create a directory on WordPress

Introducing the best free and premium plugins directory, which you can use to organize the list of company employees, geographical locations, events, and more.

1. GeoDirectory

GeoDirectory – popular the plugin directory of WordPress, which comes in a free basic version with lots of extra add-ons. The free version is perfect for simple geographic catalog within the boundaries of one zone. While some premium add-ons needed when using several geographic areas and to extend the functionality.

The plugin includes scaling up to a million rows in the catalog.

GeoDirectory Features:

  • Forms for locations, including the ability to add your own custom fields.
  • Integration with Google Maps.
  • User reviews.
  • Search options and filtering.

Although the plugin can integrate with most themes WordPress, you can find both free and premium themes are designed specifically to work with GeoDirectory.

If you need additional functionality, you can turn to supplements premium more useful functions. Add-ons cost from $ 19 to $ 39 each. They will provide:

  • Several geographical areas.
  • Event.
  • Prices and payments to make the payments for sponsored listings etc.
  • A more detailed user reviews.
  • Advanced search filters.
  • BuddyPress integration for more in-depth profiles and social functionality.
  • “Marker cluster” for Google maps to avoid clutter.
  • Social importer to import lists from Facebook or Yelp.

Price: free or paid add-ons. You can become a club member to get access to all add-ins and themes. Membership starts at $ 99 for 4 months of updates and support, or $ 199 for a year of updates and support.

2.Business Directory Plugin

Business Directory Plugin is another popular free WordPress plugin which will help you to create your own Yellow pages.

Overall, you will see many similarities between the GeoDirectory. But they are list of free / paid features that can make one of them more useful.

As in the case of GeoDirectory, the free version does a good version of the directory for a single geographic region.


  • Setting form fields in their formats.
  • Allow loading external interface.
  • The ability to edit the list through the external interface.
  • Includes quick search option and filtering.

The payment functionality in the free version:

  • Accept payments through or PayPal.
  • Fees for additional functionality such as more images, pinned lists, etc.
  • Setting up recurring payments.

And through premium add-ons you can get new features such as:

  • Reviews and ratings.
  • Integration with Google Maps.
  • Filtering of directories based on your location (good if you have a directory that serves multiple geographic areas).
  • Additional payment gateways.

You can find some premium themes, Business Directory plugin, although the plugin works with any theme.

Price: free or paid add-ons. For individual extensions plugin Business Directory is a little more expensive than the GeoDirectory, and costs $ 69.99 and for each extension. You can get the premium add-ons for one year at $ 199.99 for a single site, while GeoDirectory can be used on unlimited number of sites.

3.Sabai Directory

Sabai Directory – the most popular WordPress plugin directory for online CodeCanyon. Although this means that the plugin is premium, it is still more affordable than the previous two options.

For many years he managed to keep a rating of 4.53 stars at more than 8,000 sales, which is pretty impressive.

Sabai Directory is included in our list because it is popular and continues to be updated. But … the Developer recently released a new plugin based on custom posts types (the following plugin). And recommends new users to choose the Directories Pro plugin, so below we will examine it in more detail

Price: $ 29.

4. Directories Pro

Directories Pro – the latest plug-in directory from the same developer that and Sabai Directory. It is built on a custom record types and taxonomies, making it more flexible.

It can help you:

  • To create a custom form with more than 30 different custom fields for selection.
  • To control the appearance of list by using the interface editor, drag and drop.
  • To make paid listings through the integration of WooCommerce.
  • Show the list in full screen mode.
  • Users can manage lists via the external interface.
  • User reviews, including support for multiple types of review.
  • The auto search function so that users easily find lists that interest them.

Price: $ 39 developer on CodeCanyon.

5. Connections Business Directory

With a 4.9-star rating on, Connections Business Directory is another quality option that you can use to create a business directory on WordPress.

The plugin will not be interesting when you create directories like Yellow pages, but its functions will help to list of people, including options for birthdays, family members, etc.

It is less focused on the sale list and list monetization – so it’s not a very good option for this use. But if you want to create something similar to the reference staff or a simple set of business lists, this is a good option.

In the free version you can:

  • Choose one of several record types, including individuals, organizations and family.
  • Add custom fields to collect additional information.
  • To control which records are public or private.

There are also extensions premium to add these functions:

  • Import lists from CSV.
  • Email encryption ROT13.
  • Custom order categories.
  • Allows the user to add or edit your directory entry using the administration of moderation or without.
  • And others.

Price: free or fee for each extension and for different numbers of sites.

6. Directory Pro

Not to be confused with the Director ofies Pro. The plugin Directory Pro is another popular option that is available on CodeCanyon. It has a rating of 4.43 stars on more than 800 sales.

Like most other plugins, it will help to create functionality for search services, travel itineraries and much more.

The uniqueness of the plugin is how he is monetizing your directory. You may charge a fee for:

  • Adding a list.
  • Approval of listing.
  • Viewing the list.
  • Booking.
  • VIP icon.
  • Booking meeting.
  • Share.

This also includes the function of bid, which allows owners of listings to offer bid for a sponsored position in the search.

Other functions:

  • Integration with Google Maps.
  • Tags for lists.
  • Direct mail to owners lists.
  • The custom field.
  • User ratings.
  • Special deals / coupons for specific announcements.

Price: $ 35.

And two bonus plugins:

Web 2.0 Directory plugin for WordPress – 4.46 rating stars for more than 8 million sales. Price: $ 35.

WP Store Locator is a free plug – in works great as the control system location.

What is the plugin directory of WordPress should be used

If you want to create a physical directory, we recommend:

  • GeoDirectory,
  • Business Directory Plugin.

The CodeCanyon options have something unique. But the popularity and extensibility of these two plugins is much higher. They will give you more flexibility and control in the future.

If you want to create a directory of people – for example, a directory of employees or catalog of buyers – be sure to check out Connections Business Directory since that is where he focused.

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