Ultimate Tweaker — more than 200 custom settings for WordPress in one plugin

Have you ever wanted to change your WordPress site, but didn’t know how to do it? Often with the help of the special plugin, you can perform everything you need. But make the changes yourself in code — not an easy task for the beginner.

Ultimate Tweaker solves this problem by providing an easy admin interface and adding more than 200 different settings for your WordPress site. Knowledge in programming is not required. You can change everything from the login page to WordPress comments and many, many others.

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And our favorite part:

You can add different settings depending on the access level of the user role. The plugin enables you to assign users the administrator role, to allow you to customize your website depending on account type.

Despite the rather unfortunate double meaning of the name (Google to the rescue!), Ultimate Tweaker is a powerful plugin that offers hundreds of useful ways to customize your WordPress site. Keep reading to learn about all the features and what we think about it.

That can make Ultimate Tweaker?

So Ultimate Tweaker includes more than 200 different options. To list them all we will not. Instead, choose the most useful settings. But note that this list is far from complete…

  • Adds a custom 404 page
  • Configures virtually every aspect of WordPress admin (including for specific user roles)
  • Automatically renames media files
  • Reduces code in the subject (Minify)
  • Clears the <head> code
  • Disables the search on the site (if you use an alternative search method like Google search)
  • Exclude/include categories or tags
  • Automatically open external links to send in a new window (saves a lot of time compared with an independent open links in a new window!)
  • Disables the right click of the mouse
  • Various security features
  • Removes the “link” field from the comments
  • Allow anonymous comments
  • Adds a logo to the login page and configures its design
  • Adds Google Analytics tracking code
  • Disables RSS feeds
  • Adds featured images to the RSS feeds
  • Adds a custom header and footer
  • Provides admin shortcuts
  • Adds a maintenance mode and setting mode website

And this is only the abridged version! You can get much more additional settings as needed. Check out all of the features of the plugin in all possible settings.

Now consider the interface. It may seem difficult at first, but intuitive.

Interface Ultimate Tweaker

Ultimate Tweaker adds its control panel to the standard wordpress admin interface where you can perform all the settings.

The first thing you want to do is to choose the user role to which to apply the changes:

You can always create new accounts using the Role Manager if necessary. You can also control access rights using the same Role Manager.

Then you can go menu in the sidebar and adjust the settings:

The developers did a really good job with the admin Ultimate Tweaker. But while exploring plug-in, we saw two potential problems.

First, with more than 200 settings, it will be incredibly difficult to save them after each change (or lose the settings because you didn’t save them). To fix this, the developers added the function of auto-save:

If you select this option, all your changes will automatically be saved to prevent accidental loss of changes.

The second problem, 200+ settings is too much. It will be difficult to determine how each configuration and each switch affects your website, and what specifically performs for each setting.

To fix this, the developers have added a brief description to each parameter to know exactly what makes each switch in various modes. That’s what we mean…

If this switch is off, the tooltip text gives you a simple description, for example:

But if you include this switch, the text will change as follows:

It’s a small thing, but for users the interface will be much easier and clearer. We used several large admin panel, and it would be good if the developers took into account these functions.

Overall, the admin panel fast and well designed. We never had to wait for a download setting menu, or to deal with glitches when switching.

Interface Ultimate Tweaker has done a great job, that will simplify setting up a WordPress site for inexperienced users.

Example: configuring sign-in pages WordPress

To give an example of how cool can be the function of the plugin, we decided to change the sign-in page for our test website.

First, we added a logo for the login form:

Then we had a little change of color scheme:

We do not achieve a beautiful design here, so please don’t criticize the color palette.

Finally, we removed the link “Return to site” on the login page:

Let’s see how Ultimate Tweaker cope with the changes we made to the front end. Right now it looks like the login page of our test site:

OK, our page is definitely not the aesthetic. But Ultimate Tweaker did what was expected. The logo is there, all the different colors and removed the link “Return to site”.

If Ultimate Tweaker slows down your site? No.

200+ settings to download — a lot, isn’t it? You may be concerned that Ultimate Tweaker will slow down your website.

Fortunately, the plugin does not load the code for all 200+ settings. It loads only a minimal set of files necessary to the actual settings you are using. The missed changes will not add size/requests to your website, which should avoid any possibility of unnecessary slowdown.

To test this, we launched Ultimate Tweaker using P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) and it only added 0.0105 seconds to the boot time of our test site. We would have classified it as “No worries”.

Price and support

Despite the fact that the Ultimate Tweaker offers more than 200 different options, it is still available with a price of only $21. It’s a good price for getting access to hundreds of useful settings.

Ultimate Tweaker is sold through CodeCanyon, so you will get a standard six-month support as other Envato products.

Amino developer Studio also provides video tutorialsthat will help you to use the plugin. But honestly, we think that the plugin is easy to use. You need to sort themselves out and start setting up without any prior knowledge.

The results

We enjoyed the test run of the plugin Ultimate Tweaker.

If the plugin includes many configuration options, you can remove some of the existing plugins on your website. For example, if you already use the plugin Custom Login Page, Ultimate Tweaker will completely eliminate the need for it.

Because Ultimate Tweaker is very easy, by installing it, you can even increase the effectiveness of your website.

Whatever it was, at an affordable price, you get 200+ settings. With an intuitive and user friendly admin panel, Ultimate Tweaker is a great plugin for those who want to Tinker with your site, but do not want to dig into the code.

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