What is WordPress?

WordPress is a system by which you can manage content of the website free of charge, since the engine is open source.

The programming languagePHP
Where can be usedBlogs, websites, news resources, Internet shops, etc.

Open source, easy to edit and manage websites of any complexity. Here are the highlights that differentiate the content management system (CMS) WordPress from other engines.

CMS WordPress more often than other content management system used by users for creating unmatched sites with different content, content and volume. No doubt WordPress has changed the whole history of the Internet. “WordPress — what is it?” new web users often ask this question. In fact, the engine at the moment is a true symbol of the network, it is easy to control, constantly updated and improved, contains open source code that allows developers to modify the admin itself, and perfectly cope with their tasks.

Flexible and multifunctional system contains a set of scripts written in PHP and use a common MySQL database. Advanced functionality, intuitive and simple interface, easy configuration and customization of sites that support social plugins and other extensions, virtually unlimited possibilities and huge potential — and all this WordPress.

WordPress templates for different purposes

Universal WordPress template Monstroid2

Adaptive WordPress template for theme construction company

Adaptive WordPress template on theme University

Adaptive WordPress template on the theme of Christmas

Adaptive WooCommerce template in the theme newborns

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