Why I can’t install new plugins in WordPress?

One of the most popular questions among those new to WordPress is: Why I can’t install new plugins in WordPress? Usually, with this question immediately pop up, for example, what is the message about switching to the paid tariff, or where there is in the console menu with the Plugins?

If you ever faced similar problems, then this article is for you. In this small tutorial we will list the most common reasons why you can’t install on WordPress new plugins.

1. You use WordPress.com

wordpress.com is the hosting service for blogs. If you host your site on a free rate WordPress.com you will be the most curtailed opportunities in the management console website. And the main limitation is that you cannot install your own plugins.

See the detailed comparison in our lesson: What is the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org?

Users WordPress.com can’t install plugins before they go to the business fare for $299 per year.

If you don’t want to pay so much money, the most obvious step is to shift to a separate hosting and a free platform WordPress.org

With this you will help our WordPress

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2. You encounter a Memory Limit restriction

It is the second most common problem that will prevent you to add to the site a new theme or plugin.

The problem is related to the so-called PHP memory limit. There are certain settings on the side of your hosting provider, as well as in the core of WordPress, which set a limit on the maximum usage of memory allocated to process PHP scripts.

When some process caused by a PHP script will request more memory than the set limit, the process will be interrupted and you will see a similar error:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted

The fastest way to try to increase this memory limit is to add to your file wp-config.php the following line of code:

If this doesn’t help, contact tech support for your WordPress hosting with a request to raise the PHP memory limit.

3. You do not have enough access rights

From WordPress has a built-in control system user roles.

Sometimes the site owner or main developer is not specifically established for a user account with the rights Administrator. Instead, as the rule is created, the user rights Editor.

Admin Menu / Menu Editor

Unfortunately, only Administrators can install and activate plugins on WordPress.

If you are the site owner, but you have the right Editor will have to ask someone who developed your website to change access permissions for your account.

4. Your website is a network of MultiSite Network

Your website can be part of a network of sites. In WordPress this is called a MultiSite Network.

In this case, Administrator rights might not be enough to install plugins specifically for your site. In a network MultiSite, the maximum has the rights of Super Administrator. He decides to enable or disable menu plugins for websites participating in the network.

The recommendation here is about the same as in the previous case. Contact your network administrator (the person with access rights Super Administrator WordPress MultiSite) to let menu plugins for your website.

That’s it! We showed you 4 of the most common problems that you could not install new plugins on your WordPress website.

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