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With Accelerated Mobile Pages, Google promises almost instant loading of content pages through optimization, special markings and the almost complete abandonment of JavaScript scripts.

At the moment there is a lot of discussion and debate on the topic of WordPress AMP, especially in the group of Advanced WordPress Facebook.

Some of the issues associated with errors in existing plugins, others arise from the fact that there is simply no understanding of what one must do AMP WordPress plugins. Today we will try to understand some of them:

  • “We are working on a WordPress template and are in the process of adapting it for mobile devices. Now that Google has released AMP for WordPress, we can just install the plug-in AMP, and not continue to Tinker with the code? “
  • “Accelerated Mobile Pages is the clear winner, because it creates a home AMP version and other standard pages as well as posts. While Automattic creates AMP from AMP-only version for posts.”

First, WordPress AMP plugins are not a replacement for a responsive site. It’s just another interface for reading news articles and blog posts that Google refers to in its search results.

Secondly, the implementation of the AMP itself does not support any other kind of content, but “news articles”. Under which are blog posts.

If you have a CPT (Custom Post Type) that performs the same tasks as a news article or blog article, you can also resort to the AMP.

In some cases, AMP does not meet expectations

Of course, when working with this format, there arise some problems.

To become more familiar with possible difficulties and shortcomings of the AMP can be in this article from Yoast, but in short:

  • AMP sets limits on what you can offer their readers via the Internet
  • AMP benefits a few large companies
  • 5 is only supported ad platforms, 2 of them are owned by Google
  • Not all the analyst will work with the AMP

But despite it all, Google persistently promotes Accelerated Mobile Pages and focuses on the fact that the absence or presence of AMP versions of your articles affects the search results for mobile devices.

WordPress plugins AMP

When it comes to choosing WordPress plugins AMP, there are four main aspects that we must consider:

  • Actual/amp version of your post
  • Integration with the SEO plugin to AMP pages attached appropriate metadata
  • Integration with Google Analytics or other tool for collecting Analytics to monitor traffic AMP versions
  • Plugin to display AMP advertising, if you’re a publisher

1. AMP from Automattic

This is a very good option from the company Automattic, which will help to add support for the AMP on your website.

After activating the plugin, all your posts appear AMP version. Used at the work site logo specified in Customizer.

There are no settings. You get a minimum clearance and, except for the logo, there are no other options for branding.

2. WP AMP from TeamDev

Perhaps the best solution for creating AMP on WordPress. Allows you to configure almost everything from the admin area: appearance, position blocks on the page, add ad blocks, Google Analytics, etc. the Plugin also supports stores based on WooCommerce.

General settings:

On the main settings page you can set up tracking codes in Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, set the availability of AMP for different types of content and archives, as well as enable or disable redirect mobile users to an AMP version of the site.

Display settings header:

Here you can upload favicon, set main menu and type display, and choose one of four versions of the logo for the AMP website.


The plugin settings page allows you to add advertising blocks from AdSense and Doubleclick.

A full overview of the plugin you can read here. And buy a AMP WP on CodeCanyon.

3. AMP PageFrog

To work this plugin you must install the previous plug-in AMPto which are added the following essential functions:

  • the ability to issue article AMP with your branding
  • Analytics
  • the ability to use Facebook and Google Adsense advertising


Styling thought out, has the logo, choice of fonts between serif and sans-serif as well as several colors so you can use the colors of your brand.


It is very important to understand how your readers react to an article, so the presence of analysts is a must for both regular articles and AMP.

Currently has support for: Google Analytics, Chartbeat, Parsly, and the possibility of adding other platforms that provide Analytics for the AMP.

You can do this by using different hooks and filtersto write all the code yourself, or enlist the help of the plugin PageFrog.


Of course, we all want to earn income from our content, so this paragraph is very important. Now the choice of advertising platforms is limited, but we think that in the future the number will increase.

Other features:

  • the inclusion of the AMP format for other post types, even custom ones created with other plugins
  • support Facebook Instant articles, which is now available only in closed beta

4. Glue for Yoast SEO & AMP

This plugin is responsible for ensuring that the default WordPress plugin AMP used the correct YoastSEO metadata. Without this, such things as canonical links, for example, may not work correctly.

Honestly, we do not know whether there are other SEO plugins that work with the AMP, so if you have such a tool, be sure to share them with us in the comments.

Other WordPress plugins AMP

AMP Analytics expands the power AMP to support Analytics on your WordPress site (Google Analytics)

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for WordPress — Creates AMP themes for your WordPress website


Regardless of what we think about the project AMP, it exists, and we have to engage them when creating sites, otherwise there is a chance that it will negatively affect our position when searching from mobile devices.

Naturally, the speed of loading articles AMP it is impossible not to take into account. Unfortunately, the performance increase associated with the imposition of serious restrictions on the functionality of the page. And it also can not be ignored.

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