WordPress plugins for custom login page of your website

WordPress themes are meant to highlight your website among the rest. You adjust the website to your taste, style and brand. But what about the login page of the system? Isn’t she supposed too stand out? Why do people spend money to buy the theme, but not worried about the appearance of the login page? Especially if it is a site with compulsory membership or blog with multiple authors.

We agree that this page is hidden from the majority of your visitors. Why wasting time on setting this page, which no one except you will not come?

But for sites with compulsory membership beautiful and stylish login page to the system! It is unlikely that you want users who have paid for the content that you have seen the standard login page. Yes, it happens, but it shouldn’t be.

In this article we will tell you about how to set up your default login page with the help of different WordPress plugins.

Standard login page of WordPress

Your newly installed WordPress site contains standard data, to showcase the work of CMS. The reason you want to change the login page to the system is simple — a standard page.

For reference, the default login page looks like this:

As you can see, there is almost no mention of the site. They are still lacking several important elements:

  • No logo
  • No custom background
  • No greetings
  • There is no possibility to change the color of the “Enter”button

In WordPress you can’t customize the page of login, change password, and registration. Although these pages are important for users of the site. Fortunately, we can help with this plugins!

Plugins to customize the login page

Ask anyone that he loves more than anything in the WordPress or the plugins. They extend the core functionality of WordPress. WordPress gives everyone the opportunity to create a plugin, that’s why we now have thousands of useful plugins.

In short, there are many plugins to customize the login page. Next we will talk about free and paid plugins for this purpose.

1. White Label Branding

White Label Branding is a premium WordPress plugin available on CodeCanyon for $29. You are using WordPress to create websites for your customers? If so, you probably want to customize the menu and the logo in the CMS. Often I want to remove the WordPress logo and the message “Powered by WordPress”. It turns out that this and much more is possible with the plugin White Label Branding.

  • Configuring the authorization page: This is the main tool for styling the WordPress. In addition to the console settings in WordPress, you can customize the login page to the system. You can hide the screen options, Help, Recent actions on and off other signs. You also have control over the metaboxes in the console and the editor of Pages and posts.
  • Advanced user roles: this plugin is available to advanced user roles and the ability to manage them. You control everything that is displayed to your customer. You can even create “fake” admin account and give it to your client. So the user account will look like the administrator, but you will still be able to limit its access.
  • Color management: Available panel color management for the entire wp-admin area. You can also create your own templates of the login page.

2. Birds Custom Login

The Birds Custom Login plugin allows you easily customize the login page of the system. It has the function of responsive design, customize logo and background, etc.

  • Basic functions: You may want to hide links to Registration, Lost password and Back to site. The background image can be full screen, but it will need to stretch depending on the size of the browser window. When you hover over the WordPress logo on the login page, you can read “Powered by WordPress”. With Birds a Custom Login you can change this text to any other.
  • Premium version: is also Available a premium version of this plugin that has more advanced functions, for example, instant preview (with custom CSS), configuration import and export, dedicated support forum, etc.
  • Custom styles: This is one of the best plugins settings page authorization. You can change the background color, button color and everything that you want.

3. Custom Login & Access

Custom Login & Access is another premium plugin from CodeCanyon for WordPress for $20.

  • Basic function: the Plugin offers many features, including setting a standard login page, add the main entrance in the front, restricting console access among subscribers, etc. This plugin can be useful when you want to let your users register, they can do it directly on the website. No need to give access to the console without a special need.
  • Attack protection: Tired of brute force attacks? Have a Custom Login & Access is a captcha to registration pages, login and forgotten password.
  • Limitation of content: the Plugin contains a feature limited access to content. You can also restrict access to certain parts of your website, even registered users. Another useful feature is that it allows you to set your password during registration.

4. Custom Login Page Customizer

Custom Login Page Customizer allows you to customize your page authorization directly in the WordPress Customizer. It is easy to use and you can preview changes before saving.

  • Start of work: Install and activate the Custom Login Page Customizer, go to appearance → Customize and under Login Customizer you will find many options.
  • Styling and setting features: This plugin allows you to change the background color, style of buttons and fields to create the logo and background. You can also customize the CSS rules for specific style decisions. This plugin contains all the features you need.
  • Premium version: Available and premium version of the plugin Custom Login Page Customizer. You will surely love its advanced features, for example, a limited number of password attempts, the integration of reCAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA styling.

5. Login

Login (Login Page Styler) is another free solution to customize your login page in the system.

  • Plugin settings: After activating the plugin, in the left part of the console you will see a new menu. This plugin should provide you with the largest amount of features compared to other free plugins.
  • ReCAPTCHA integration: the Plugin integrates with reCAPTCHA, which reduces the number of attacks on the site. You can also set a custom logo (in the premium version) or remove the logo at all.
  • Other features: In the free version you can hide the logo or customizing the site logo, set the background color, change styles and much more.
  • Advanced options: Like most of the plugins in this list, Login Page Style in its premium version offers more advanced features. This premium version removes the plugin function to a new level.

6. Tailored Login

Tailored Login is made by the creators of popular plugin protection security iThemes Security. It allows you to build a custom login page.

  • Widgets: unlike most plug-ins in this area, Tailored Login is advanced and gives you the ability to add widgets to your login page to the system. Just add the widgets in the pane for the widgets Tailored Login.
  • Custom elements and styles: Tailored Login allows you to add custom header, background image, change the style of forms. You can even change fonts, font size and color buttons.
  • Plugin Developer Suite: This is a premium plugin that comes with the Plugin Developer Suite, i.e. a set of premium plugins from iThemes Security. It includes plugins such as BackupBuddy, iThemes Security Pro, Exchange Pro Pack, and others.

The results

We should not ignore the setting of the login page just because the user can’t see it. The goal is full control over the website in the backend and the frontend. In this article you will find the best plugins to customize the login page in the WordPress system.

Have you ever set up a login page on your website? Tell us in the comments!

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