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A lot of people want to share the recipes of your favorite dishes online. The best way to do this is to start a blog about food. If you are using WordPress, you are in luck because there are many themes for cooking blogs and a number of recipes WordPress plugins that will help you get started. You can also set themes for specific niches, such as bakeries, cafes or eateries.

Plugins recipes WordPress make it easy to publish the recipes in a form that will be comprehensible not only to the readers. but and search engines. Optimization in search engines is achieved mainly by ensuring compliance plugin Schema.org and hRecipe.

Below are free and paid plugins of WordPress recipes and their functions.

Free plugins

WP Ultimate Recipe

WP Ultimate Recipe is a user-friendly, because it allows you to add recipes to posts and pages. You can add photos for each step of the recipe. Using handy short codes or the “Insert recipe”, you can quickly publish the recipes.

If the list of ingredients or instructions are too long, the plugin will break the list into smaller parts. Readers can easily navigate from one recipe to another. The recipes are easy for the search engines, as the plugin meets the requirements Schema.org.

Convenient features include text search for any ingredient or method of cooking, and also removed the photo when you print recipes. The plugin is responsive, so users can view recipes on smaller devices. Using the social button users can share recipes.

The plugin can adjust the amount of ingredients according to number of servings. WP Ultimate Recipe easily adaptable and compatible with Pinterest Rich Pins, and Google AMP.

Using the premium version of the plugin, you can create templates using the layout editor. This version allows you to add custom fields to the recipe. Users can submit recipes and rate and share them on social networks.


The EasyRecipe plugin is easy to use. It formats your recipes in such a way as to get the most out of search engines, without the need for coding. You just need to create your post and add images. Plug this information will format the recipe.

You can also convert an existing recipe that is in plain text, edit it by choosing the ingredients and instructions, EasyRecipe clicking the icon. If you want to import recipes from other platforms, such as a Recipe Card or Zip List, it is also possible. Edit the entry and click the EasyRecipe icon.

Users can print and rate recipes.

WP Recipe Maker

The main advantage that WP offers a Recipe Maker – smooth workflow when creating and publishing the recipe. Metadata is added automatically and this helps to improve ranking in search engines.

You can add photos at any stage of the recipe and have a backup recipe to display if the plugin is disabled. All ingredients and instructions you can organize groups to make the recipes understandable for the visitors. Available pure version of the recipe to print without images. You can also transfer content from other plugins in the WP Recipe Maker.

Users can search the text of the recipe directly on the website and rate the recipe in the comments. The plugin is compatible with Pinterest Rich Pins, which allows you to quickly distribute new recipes. The premium version offers links to other recipes for the same ingredients, counting portions, displays labels for different types of dishes, and allows you to choose from several templates.

Zip Recipes

Zip Recipes comes with a number of features that put your recipes in the forefront of Google. By fine-tuning the SEO and the inclusion of the URL of the blog in the recipe, website traffic will increase naturally. You can also add and attach other links to their recipes.

In addition, it is not difficult to format your recipe and add images. With this plugin do not need to bother with custom record types. Just create the recipe right inside the post and add images using the media library. The plugin has several patterns and variations of styles. You can also customize it using CSS.

You will have an additional field for notes, which shall include additional ingredients required a special device for additional instructions or quick tips. The plugin automatically adds the entry name to the recipes and pictures.

Premium plugin offers additional features such as calculator, card design recipe, recipe index, the author, the rating of the visitors and more. The plugin offers support AMP pages and multilingual capabilities including a blog in several languages.


If you want to create your own recipes using drag and drop, you need to try the Cooked plugin. You can build a nice grid in the form of a grid or brick and put your recipes. It allows you to create beautiful galleries and display the nutritional value and the levels of difficulty of each dish.

You can set up templates for authors to list recipes of the individual authors switch and calculate the ingredients according to the number of servings. In addition, you can add cooking time with the interactive timer. Users can search for text and sort the recipes based on categories.

Recipes by Simmer

Recipes from Simmer allow you to embed recipes in any record or page. When activated, Simmer adds its element on the toolbar of WordPress, where you can configure the settings.

You can create custom themes recipes and their style. No need to retype the ingredients and instructions each time you create a new recipe. Just copy/paste the ingredients or instructions in blocks.

Additional fields are available, such as cooking time and serving size. If these fields are blank, they are not otobrazhatsya on the website. In addition, there are sidebar widgets to display the latest recipes or categories.

The plugin works with most of the sharing tools on social networks and has been translated into more than 150 languages. For individual support, full support and guidance of the rating of the stars, you’ll have to switch to Simmer Pro.

Meal Planner Pro Recipes

Meal Planner Pro Recipes rely on three kinds of markup scheme, which gives maximum benefit from SEO. SEO developers went even further: the plugin automatically pulls the title of the record and adds it to the recipe.

The plugin allows you to import recipes from other resources, such as EasyRecipe or Zip List. You can add images that appear along with a recipe or in your Google Rich Snippets. This facilitates the generation of a prescription, allowing you to add blocks of ingredients and instructions by copy/paste. You can also add or associate the recipes with ingredients, instructions or summary.

Images can be displayed in the window recipe of the user. The plugin offers the function “Save recipe” and “shopping List”. In the printed version displays the copyright and a URL for the individual recipes.


Using GetMeCooking you can add as many recipes as you want, the blog entry and edit recipes once they are posted. For convenience, associate the entries in your blog with recipes.

Color, description and layout of the recipe can be personalized. You can display recipes in categories, for example, do not cause allergies or low fat content. It will improve visibility in the search engine. Also, you can list all your recipes in a post or page to create a list in the format you want. Users can filter and search for recipes.

This plugin offers several configuration options, including the position of the image. GetMeCooking supports 10 languages.

The premium plugins offer more features and a greater degree of support. When it comes to plugins recipes, you will find that additional options can be set only in the premium versions.


Cookbook – the first product released SiteCare. The plugin takes care of SEO in accordance with schema.org and markup prescription JSON-LD. This gives you the opportunity to stand out in the search results cooking recipes for Google Rich Cards.

The plugin is responsive, provides a beautiful flow of pictures and hyperlinks in the content of the recipe. Users do not need to scroll all the way to the end to find a recipe that they want. Shortcode at the top of the page might throw the reader for a recipe, located much lower. Cookbook allows users to rate recipes.

This plugin is ready for translation, and therefore simplifies the use of the recipes for the publishers and readers of different countries.

Description/Buy $59,99

Total Recipe Generator

With Total Recipe Generator, you can publish recipes using pre-created templates. Content generated by the plugin, is a combination of JSON-LD, internal links and meta tags for the appropriate content type of prescription. Thus, when search engine optimization there is no reason for the extra effort.

The plugin comes in the form of add-ons Visual Composer. It supports recipes on pages, records and custom record types. The plugin automatically adds a time of preparation and cooking time in order to correctly display the total time. You can change the image size recipes to a custom size and use built-in editor of food labels to show food value of the dish.

There is an internal support links to metadata, author name, and support URL of the author. The plugin has built-in sharing buttons and is compatible with standard WordPress themes. In addition, it is ready to translation and supports RTL languages.

Description/Buy Now $23

Le Chef

In addition to the usual functions available in plugins recipes Le Chef includes a list of products, as well as the anticipated duration and a timer for each stage of the recipe. It also comes with a bunch of useful short codes.

The plugin has the feature of full screen and can support YouTube videos. Users will appreciate the super fast, fully customizable filter recipes. Most popular recipes widget will help new users correctly to make or find a recipe, and the module Add-a-recipe will help to pipravit recipes via the client interface. Panel module the chef allows any user to manage their recipes.

Description/Buy $22

Recipe Box

Recipe Box – multifunctional plugin that offers 60 customization options to change colors, typography, labels, etc. It generates Rich Snippets (rich snippets in search results), so that you have a positive result in the Google search results. The plugin adds a meta field to entries with description, image, instructions, ingredients and some other additional details. Need only to complete these fields and add the short code to publish your recipe.

In addition, the proposed review system, which improves the user experience. Average rating is in the microdata, so the ranking is displayed in the search engines.

Description/Buy $20

Plugin recipes can completely transform a website of recipes on WordPress. Your choice of plugin should be guided by the functions that are necessary for best functioning, and preferences of your audience. At the beginning newbies can try the plugin with less options and features, and then move on to full-featured plugin.

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