WordPress plugins to create a slideshow on your website

Plugins WordPress sliders in recent years it has been demonized for several reasons: they are widely accused of slowing the operation of the site, the impact on the user interface and other sins.

But let’s look at it this way: the slider is just a tool, which proved effective and powerful marketing weapon to attract attention to any content.

And whether your chosen slider badly affect your website or not, depends on the slider and how you create, implement and optimize.

Selection of quality, lightweight WordPress plugin for slider and its intelligent use will only increase interaction with site visitors.

In this review, we consider the multifunction WordPress plugins for sliders, which are constantly updated, developed and adjusted to changes WordPress.


This plugin is created by a proven team of UpdraftPlus – the best choice of free plugins for sliders WordPress. UpdraftPlus was one of the first companies that went from shortcodes to the blocks of the Guttenberg.

Free version of the plugin comes with a handy editor sliders where you can change the order the images using drag and drop, crop them, adjust the SEO settings for the images and to use more familiar settings.


  • One of the most functional and free WordPress plugins for sliders.
  • Templates slideshow for beginners.
  • Four different types of sliders with different transition effects and layouts.
  • Compatible with translation plugins WordPress.
  • Find and add free images to your slides without leaving the toolbar WP.
  • PRO features extend the capabilities of the slider to support video background, planning slides, navigate through the thumbnails, and much more.

To MetaSlider PRO

Smart Slider 3

Smart Slider 3 is the main competitor of MetaSlider with an even more significant number of positive reviews and more free exclusive features for creating custom slideshows in WordPress. On the main aspects it is different from the MetaSlider, but more focused on performance, rich in design and customizable.

If you are looking for a convenient visual slider at an affordable price, Smart Slider 3 should be first on your list.


  • Adapted to Gutenberg as well as other popular designers such as Divi and Elementor.
  • Great library sliders to speed up the editing process.
  • Background animation effects.
  • Adaptive font sizes.
  • Smart Slider 3 Pro includes numerous professionally designed templates, more animation effects and layer types, priority support and more.

To Smart Slider PRO 3

Soliloquy Slider

Although this plugin-a WordPress slider from a credible team Envira available in the free version, the premium version includes the whole range of possibilities.

For example, you can go beyond the standard settings slider and enable special functions, such as protecting the images, planning the slides, recommended content and more. To go beyond the standard slide carousel and lightbox, you can use WooCommerce, Instagram, PDF, video and other content types with automatic source.


  • Creates any slider with any integration.
  • Creating a visual slider.
  • Ready templates sliders.
  • Gutenberg compatibility.
  • Tools SEO settings for each image.
  • Offering tons of unique features, the plugin is amazingly easy – it will not reduce the performance of your website.

To Soliloquy Slider PRO

Slider from 10Web – adaptive image slider

Slider from 10Web is a free responsive image slider, which promises to simplify the creation of sliders. You can check it yourself, after playing the demo without registration. To create and edit the sliders with layers is quite simple, but the user experience is still not great compared to, for example, with a Smart Slider 3 or MetaSlider.

To get more advanced layers, access to a greater number of effects, layers and transitions, parallax effects / roundabout and able to create a post slide, you need to pay at least $ 20 for the premium version.


  • The ability to quickly and easily build entire slider with single screen.
  • Full animation effects slides quick and easy.
  • Working with Gutenberg.

To Slider from 10Web PRO

Slider Widget in Elementor

You can find additional plugins for WordPress and get a number of tools to create a web site, including a slider, a premium designer Elementor WordPress to create pages. And this solution also works well as other special plug-ins for slideshow that we just reviewed.


  • The adaptive layers.
  • Support full and wide slides.
  • Transition effects and interactions for all slides.
  • Custom arrows and dots navigation.

To Elementor

The slider module in Divi Builder

As in the case of Elementor, you can create beautiful slider with Divi, without resorting to certain plugins. In addition, Divi has it all to create outstanding websites in WordPress.


  • Support video backgrounds.
  • Custom arrows and controls.
  • Parallax effects.
  • Deep design options of the slider.

To Divi Builder

Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution is a popular premium slider plugin for WordPress, which includes many modern animation and design functions, adaptive layouts huge variety of templates sliders images, excellent control of image layers and other tools. Many major WordPress theme companies often include this free slider in your theme.

It’s hard to find a WordPress plugin for a slideshow that can surpass the Revolution Slider in the feature set. However, one of the drawbacks of Slider Revolution is that it is too heavy because of the hundreds of proposed features and designs – not an easy job.


  • Super convenient to use the constructor slideshow with drag and drop.
  • The leader among the similar plugins from the point of view of the animation layer.
  • Several options for the layout of the slider.
  • Gorgeous 3D parallax effects.
  • Multiple content sources to create sliders automatically slide the content: Flickr, Instagram, WooCommerce, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and more.

To Slider Revolution

Master Slider

Master Slider is a free plugin slide show for WordPress. If you are looking for a powerful set of tools for sliders with a huge collection of professional pre-designed templates sliders, this is it

The editor interface with drag and drop slider allows you to deeply edit each content layer, so working with him is a pleasure.


  • Several unique interactive navigation to create a dynamic slide show.
  • Parallax effects.
  • Support HD video backgrounds.
  • Support for full-screen mockups slide show.
  • Swipe navigation and image hot spots.
  • Generous free version included 8 examples of the slider.

To Master Slider PRO


It is a direct competitor of the Slider Revolution. LayerSlider is also deeply immersed in the editing of each layer of content in the visual editor slideshow, which resembles advanced graphics editors. Initially, the plugin offers an amazing library of templates slideshow.

If you need to create a real wow effect for your content, this plugin slideshow will arm you with all the necessary effects: interactive slides, scrolling, transitions, sliders, origami and more.


  • Templates sliders of different styles for your real business goals.
  • Countless animations and transition effects.
  • The ability to customize layouts for specific devices.
  • Multi-layered timelines.
  • Excellent performance tools (shortcuts, undo / redo buttons).
  • Comfortable user experience with the editor slider.

To LayerSlider

Responsive Zoom in / Out Slider

This is a fairly traditional type of plugin slider, but easier. It allows you to add different types of sliders for marketing and presentations, using a variety of settings without extensive controls.

If you need a kind of simple slider with a good set of effects zoom and panoramas, you will definitely cope with this responsive slider.


  • Adaptive layers, and great navigation through the touch screen.
  • An easy way to add and customize slides.
  • Several types of skins for each type of slider.
  • Is focused on performance.
  • Modest prices.

To Responsive Zoom in / Out Slider

Slider PRO

Slider PRO is a multipurpose plugin premium for WordPress works fine in most cases. This is one of best-selling books, which has many features in common with Revolution Slider and LayerSlider, but it works better on the level of performance and offers more tools for developers and optimize for search engines.

If you need a powerful plugin with a focus on simplicity and clean code, think about Slider PRO.


  • Good selection of layouts and animated effects.
  • Practically no bad influence on the speed of your site and overall performance.
  • Easy navigation on touch screen devices.
  • Conditional logic for slider images.
  • Breakpoints for slider settings at different screen sizes.
  • Lightbox and video support.

To Slider PRO

Royal Slider

Royal Slider is another WordPress plugin for the sliders, which boasts a smooth operation, honed navigation on the touch screen and great SEO tools.

It comes with a relatively small collection of predesigned templates slider design and only the necessary animation effects, but this should be enough to create a variety of cover pages, products, and even video galleries.


  • Simple templates sliders for beginners.
  • Easy to install and run, as well as intelligent management tools backend.
  • HTML5 support for embedded video and full screen sliders.
  • Easily integrated into posts, pages, sidebar, header, footer and other widget areas.

Get Royal Slider

Accordion Slider

Plugin Accordion Slider will be particularly useful to create smooth sliders in the style of an accordion. As Slider PRO from the same company, he is well known for quality design, smart SEO work and excellent built-in guidance for users who are not technical specialists.

The plugin has a library of different predefined templates sliders for horizontal and vertical accordion. It can be custom slides, video slides, from automatic sources (such as WooCommerce products, posts, Flickr) and others. You can even combine different content types in the same accordion slider.


  • WordPress-native configuration interface.
  • Touch and fully responsive layers.
  • The modular architecture, which the developers easily adapt to any need.

To Accordion Slider

Hero Slider

According to the creators of the plugin is “really simple” plugin for a slideshow that can help you in making a variety of sliders with special emphasis on WooCommerce, video (from your library, Youtube, Vimeo) and sliders Parallax. View the demonstration examples, which show what stylish design solutions they can offer by default.


  • Editor sliders in real time.
  • Different styles of design individually for navigation arrows, buttons, and slides in General.
  • A grid overlay for easy location of the slider elements.
  • The timeline for the animation on the server.
  • Knowledge base.

To The Hero Slider

Slider – Responsive WordPress Image Slider

This plugin will create a photo gallery with image titles, descriptions, thumbnails, navigation buttons and other traditional elements of the content slider.


  • Six layouts of the slider in the Pro version.
  • Styles of fonts, the ordering of the slider, move the image using drag and drop, color settings.
  • Works with multilingual plugins.

To Slider Pro

WP1 Slider

WP1 Slider – free plugin slideshow, which comes with all necessary features for creating visually attractive and optimized for SEO slider. It supports a huge number of sliders, such as WooCommerce, audio, slider, SoundCloud, Facebook, Instagram, slides, social networking, slider, records, slider carousel and much more that makes it ideal solution for both business and creative projects.


  • Sliders full and auto wide.
  • Work with touch screens.
  • Six transition effects.
  • Affordable prices.

To WP1 Slider PRO

Slider Carousel

This slider offers perhaps the easiest way to create a slideshow: you just need to choose image, choose the type of slider and apply some animation effects. And that’s all! No complicated editing tools, but you can create a functional and beautiful slide show of images.


  • Fullscreen and boxed layouts.
  • Several types of slide shows.
  • Pro version includes video, slides, and more navigation styles, more colors and effects slideshow.

Slider Carousel

GS Logo Slider

Introducing the stylish, specially crafted plugin to showcase partners, companies and brands. You can create it from scratch using a set of necessary tools in the free version. Or to go further, going to the PRO: choose from more layouts, add a tooltip, the original sliders from the categories of logos and much more. If you need to showcase design work or simply company logos, the use of this lightweight plugin is a good solution.


  • Dimensions can be modified logos.
  • Stop at hanging.
  • Controlled speed and animation.
  • The selection Gutenberg..

To GS Logo Slider PRO

Gutenberg from Kadence Slider Blocks

If you want to have access to the power slider inside the plugins Gutenberg for a new era of WordPress Kadence Blocks – one of these solutions. You can create a slider using the Advanced Gallery block, which allows to create carousel and classic sliders.


  • Custom basic parameters of the design.
  • Support for lightboxes.
  • The transition effects.

Free download Gutenberg from Kadence Slider Blocks

Gutenberg Slider from Getwid

This may seem strange, but only a few Addons Gutenberg offer allocated blocks of sliders. Getwid is one of those plugins that support this functionality, allowing you to create five different types of slideshow, although their settings are quite limited. Another bonus is that create slides pretty quickly, because they are configured to inherit the styles from any of the WordPress themes.


  • The sliders support images and multimedia.
  • Multiple sources for dynamic content slider: recent posts, records, custom record types.
  • Custom templates sliders.
  • A standard set of design and typography.
  • The transition effects.

Free download blocks Getwid

Almost all of the top WordPress plugins for sliders images, presented in our review can perform the same work but differ in price, support and critical performance indicators. Free WordPress plugins for sliders give you a wider range of specialized solutions, but can limit you in design, layout, and animation settings.

In any case, the following recommendation will be useful in any case: optimized stick performance, easy to set up and actively developed plugin. Some plugin slider already caught the eye?

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