WP-MFC Linkator — handy plugin for fast linking of sites on WordPress

In working with the sites frequently encountered tasks when you need to relink the pages in a specific pattern. Goals for such problems can be very different, below are examples of the most common:

  • to put anchor links in the content of existing pages to new pages (transfer of weight, the acceleration index, and so on)
  • to organize the user’s movement within the site according to the logic specific funnels

If you have a website on 10 pages, and you have to put links to the new page by the only the anchor — it can be done and hands for 15 minutes. But what if you need to relink the site to 750 pages, and the linking must be through the three clusters of queries?

Let us consider the example: you need to from all pages of the website, which refer to “Blinds in the bedroom”, to put a link to a page about “Sewing curtains for the bedroom custom”. You have a website for 750 pages, and the search will take a lot of time and even more time will be spent on placing links.

To solve such problems, we developed a special plugin for WordPress site — WP-MFC Linkator. About it we will talk today.

WP-MFC Linkator

It should be noted immediately that this is a development team WP-MFC Teamthat create all sorts of cool stuff for a WordPress site. That is, it is Runet development made by Slavs for Slavs. The plugin is in Russian and with a normal, easy logic.

The task of the plugin to find specific text entry into the database of the site, displaying all the found page list with a single click to put the link to the desired page on the text which is highlighted with the mouse.

If we return to the example with curtains, the plug-in in seconds will find on your website all pages that mention curtains for the bedroom, will lead their list, you will remain on the desired page to select the desired phrase and make two clicks: add link and save. All very simple and effective.

Install and configure the plugin

In terms of installing the plugin is very simple, is installed as any regular plugin via the admin panel of your site. If desired, the archive can simply fill in the required directory of your site via FTP.

After installing and activating the plugin, no additional configuration is required, everything is ready to go right out of the box.

Work with the plugin

To get started with the plugin you need to go to menu Settings → Linkator, as shown in the picture:

General view of the plugin before you start:

In the “Enter phrase to search for” insert the word or phrase on which we will be searching for.

The plugin takes into account the morphology of Russian language (which is its unique feature compared to similar developments of their Western colleagues), so in a phrase search it is better to introduce the basics of word endings to find all versions of the word forms.

For this purpose, the second field “Additional words”, where you can specify adjectives, prepositions, labeling, and so on.

A list of record types is necessary in order to indicate whether to search or not to search a text entry for a phrase, for example, in pages. This is useful for projects that have a large number of individual record types are implemented using custom fields (Custom fields), you can immediately select the desired record type. By default, all database tables that the plugin evaluates the potential options for finding information.

In the “Page URL to insert” we specify the address of the page or write that we will put a link.

All we have left to press the button “Find”, and the plugin will give us a list of pages, which is necessary for text entry.

The total list of found pages as follows:

In order to put a link on a specific page, click on the “Edit” button. If the button is an indication of link (as in the example above), this means that this page already posted the link to the page that we chose to relink.

Affixing links

When you click on the “Edit” link you get to a page that will act as the donor (which contains link).

For convenience and speed of work are implemented the following things:

  • From the selected blocks of text in which there is a text entry of the query
  • The query itself is highlighted
  • On the right is a block with navigation and scrolling on such blocks inside of the article and the “Save” button. This allows you to quickly find the most successful block of text where the link will look more natural, and place it exactly there:

Please note that each block has its own text editor. This is to ensure that you could quickly make changes to the text (change the end, to dilute the anchor, to change the word order and so on). This enables the linking as natural as possible from the point of view of style and morphology of the language, in addition, it easily allows to diversify the pool of anchor occurrences, in order to avoid paraspara key.

In order to put a link, you need the mouse to highlight a specific part of the text (the desired phrase or word) and simply click the link:

Do not forget, after this article, click the “save” button on the floating menu, otherwise the changes will not be sent to the database of your website.

After you return to the overall list of pages which contain the desired combination, you will see that pages that have already made changes are highlighted in red:

This simplifies life for you or your KM when working with large sites.

Remove references

In addition to the placement of links, the plugin can help in surgical removal have stamped links. This is necessary in various situations, from paraspara to correcting problems 404 pages.

For this function you need to click on the link “Search for links” in the top of the page plugin:

Next you will see the familiar set of options:

  • To specify the address of the page to which we are looking for
  • Click “Find”
  • To edit those pages, in which the body was found we need a link

Purchase plugin

Linkator a paid product and costs $20 per copy. While there is no reference to domains, the plugin can be installed on any number of sites.

At the moment, the developers of the action in a number of their products, including this plugin, so it can be purchased at a 25% discount for $15.

The plugin can be bought here: wp-mfc.ru/linkator-lp

Our opinion is that the plugin is worth its money and worth to spend money once to buy it to be sure you have a clean version, and it is not clear what baccarani and other problems.


The plugin is really worthwhile, it makes the optimization significantly. Moreover, Linkator will be useful for existing large sites, and to only fill in which projects cluster by cluster and added new thematic categories of articles that would be good relink.

The plugin will definitely be useful to owners of projects that somehow relate to the content on: blogs, news sites, thematic portals.

It is worth noting its unique benefits for SEO task, in this case it will be very useful for companies ‘ sites, and commercial projects, as it allows not only to organize the movement of the user within the site, but provides an increase of positions at LF and MF requests (the main thing is to approach the process of linking).

The plugin is currently developing and refining current at the time of writing the version is 1.4, about once a month out updates with modifications and improvements.

Another important feature of the plugin — all changes are made on the DB-level site, after work the plugin you can delete all of your changes will remain.

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